Connection Team of UG Hall VI Student Community

The Connection Team is a resident-elected body, which aims to provide opportunities for residents to experience their fruit congruous and cozy hall life, through organizing various activities and distributing welfare products.

UNIFY, Connection Team of UG Hall VI Student Community, HKUST, Session 2019-2020


The Connection Team aims to provide as many unique and interesting opportunities for residents to experience their fruitful and educational hall life during their residential period in UG Hall VI. This year, the Connection Team will be organizing various events, including Freshmen Days, Secret Angel, Boat Party, etc.


Not only do we organize a wide variety of events, we also help strengthen the bonding and encourage the exchange of ideas of residents from different countries through assisting hall tutors in Weekly Sharing Sessions (WSS) once a week on different floors. The previous activities of WSS include coffee making workshop, beach hike, ice cream night, etc.


As Hall is perceived as the second home and classroom of residents, we strive to strike a balance between providing entertainment and raising awareness for social and environmental issues, while promoting the importance of work life balance, which are foundational to every resident’s whole person development and their university experience. Therefore, in the coming year, we, UNIFY, will continue to organize different activities in order to enrich the hall life experience of residents and help the incomers adapt to HKUST and UG Hall VI.


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